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A Database Front End GUI Builder for Linux.

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Build Apps for Your Linux Database Users

With Data Forms Action! You can quickly and easily create and deploy a database front end app on Linux.

Supports Postgresql or MySQL / MariaDB databases.

Forms Are Easy to Build

Configure your database connections, bring in data with SQL queries or store procedure calls,

then design your form to lay it all out and enjoy browsing through the data in your new form.

A sample Form

Experiment With Color, Layout and Fonts Configure multiple database connections

Choose your color palette and fonts to maximize the impact of your data.

Looks Good in Any Environment

Although the screenshots here are from Gnome 3, Forms created with Data Forms Action! look great in any environment like Cinnamon or Mate

Configure multiple database connections Go Bold!

You can also easily experiment with layout and design of your Form by using the WYSYWIG designer to size and place controls wherever you like.

Try It Out

Any more questions?
Download the Demo to try it out, or see the Getting Started page for a quick tutorial to get going.